Tourism personalized T-shirts make you have a sense of belonging in the city you are visiting. However, one major issue with this kind of custom T-shirts is that they are only relevant when touring a certain city, but when you get back to your country, they become irreverent.  This has caused some designers out there to make some flexible t-shirts that can be worn anytime and anywhere.

Considering the most popular city you may want to visit during your holiday, we have come up with some of the best tourist T-shirts you can find. The lists start with the least popular cities to the cities which are more popular

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is the 10th most popular city. It is known for science and culture. Their popular tourism personalized t-shirt contains a bird perched in the building.

Athens Greece

Most people know Greece because of ancient history and beautiful island.  For this major reason, a personalized tourism t-shirt of this city must be of blue color with the print of an owl. This is because the owl used to be a symbol for a goddess, which most people in Athens worshipped

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is commonly known because of bicycles. And for this, their trademark shirt contains a bicycle.

Berlin, Germany

The bear happens to be the official symbol representing Berlin. Thus, their personalized T-shirt has it at all times.

Lisbon, Portugal

The city offers high-quality designs from all across the world. It is mostly known to have a typographic T-shirt.

New York City, USA

The USA is a country with unique and amazing towns.  However, New York City happens to be the most iconic. The design for its personalized tourism t-shirt is a timeless art deco architecture of the Apple company with other contemporary designs.

Dublin, Ireland

The personalized t-shirt design for this city is just simple, and the fonts are arranged in an amazing way

Rome, Italy

The personalized tourist t-shirt design for this town is also simple.  In this case, you don’t need to put the name of a town or country to reference a place.

Paris, France

This customized t-shirt design does not have the Eiffel Tower in it. However, various symbols are used to represent the French capital. The T-shirt also looks attractive and amazing

Barcelona, Spain

Spain happens to be the number one tourist attraction across Europe. This is because the country has beautiful cities, great weather, good food, and stunning beaches. This can be represented by a black t-shirt with an illustration of various classic elements found in Barcelona


Visiting various cities as a tourist comes with lots of fun and benefits.  And one way to make your tourism experience memorable is by having a personalized T-shirt of that city.  However, one major disadvantage of these shirts is that they usually look good when worn in the said cities but not when you are back home. But, thanks to designers nowadays who made it look presentable and wearable anytime and anywhere you go. To complete your fun-filled vacation, then avail of the city’s personalized T-shirt to remind you of the beautiful and enjoyable vacation you once had.

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