In 2018, Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use through the Cannabis Act passed in parliament. However, each territory has its own rules on how people should use cannabis.

In Quebec, there are many rules that people should follow upon consumption of cannabis. It’s crucial to be aware of these regulations to ensure a safe and lawful experience.

Additionally, individuals should exercise caution and responsibility, even with emerging products like amanita muscaria gummies, to navigate the evolving landscape of cannabis use.

Below are some facts about cannabis consumption in Quebec everyone should know.

One cannot drive after consuming cannabis

Driving in Quebec while intoxicated with cannabis is a crime. A higher amount of THC in one’s blood system is usually enough to charge someone with a crime. When driving intoxicated, the gravity of a crime depends on the levels of THC in the blood. A higher concentration of THC means that the crime one will be charged with will be severe. There is no tolerance for driving while intoxicated with cannabis, and one may be fined and jailed. When arrested, the driver’s license may be suspended for ninety days. It is crucial for individuals to recognize the serious consequences associated with driving under the influence of cannabis and to prioritize responsible and safe behaviour on the roads.

Cannabis can’t be grown at home

In other territories in Canada, people can grow four cannabis plants at home at least. However, in Quebec, growing cannabis at home is banned for everyone. When one plants cannabis at home while in Quebec, one will be arrested, jailed, and fined. It’s essential to note that while anyone at home can consume cannabis, landlords can ban it on their premises. One can use cannabis in their own space if one is a tenant. However, a landlord can refuse cannabis to be used if a tenant signs a lease. Additionally, landlords are also allowed to change or improve the conditions of a person’s lease. When the lease is about one year, the landlord can send a notice three months in advance informing a tenant that they should renew their lease. It’s crucial for individuals to be aware of these regulations and to navigate their cannabis use responsibly, considering both personal and legal boundaries.

close up view of a person's hands holding a dropper and a small bottle of CBD oil at the side of the road

People in public can’t consume cannabis

People in public cannot consume CBD products such as vapes. Some places where people cannot use cannabis include the following:

  • Near bus stations
  • Near public places such as parks.
  • On public roads such as walkways

Once caught using cannabis near these areas, a person is arrested and fined on the spot. Individuals must exercise caution and adhere to the regulations regarding cannabis use in these specified areas. Understanding and respecting these restrictions is crucial to avoiding legal consequences and maintaining a safe and responsible community environment.

A person below 21 years shouldn’t consume cannabis

It is illegal for people below twenty-one years to use cannabis in Quebec. It is also unlawful for anyone to share cannabis with a person below twenty-one years. When found by authorities, a person below twenty-one years can be sentenced to jail or fined. Understanding and abiding by the legal age restrictions for cannabis use is essential to avoid severe legal consequences. It is incumbent upon individuals to be aware of and respect these age-related regulations to ensure a safe and compliant community environment.

There are cannabis limits depending on where one is

While in public, a person can only have about 31 grams of cannabis. It is also illegal to have cannabis in colleges and universities. Understanding the specified limits for cannabis possession in public spaces is crucial for individuals to avoid legal repercussions. Additionally, being aware of the restrictions within educational institutions reinforces the importance of responsible cannabis use and adherence to local regulations.


To avoid trouble with authorities in Quebec, one needs to know the rules so that one can live safely. Staying informed about the legal regulations surrounding cannabis use, possession, and cultivation is essential for individuals in Quebec. By being aware of and adhering to these rules, individuals can ensure a responsible and lawful approach to their actions, promoting both personal safety and compliance with the law.

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