Montreal is one of the few cities in Canada that has two faces. It has the modern North American face and the face of the traditional charms common in European cities.

What to expect

Language: The majority of Montreal residents speak fluent English, however, most of the residents boast French as the native language.

Currency: Canadians use the Canadian dollar as their currency. 1 US dollar is exchanged at 1.31 Canadian dollars

Banks and credit cards: Across the border, many banks will charge you high foreign transaction fees. The best way to go is by using an ATM to get cash for basic needs and walk-around money. Hold your card for items that require a lot of money to purchase.

Climate: Montreal like many regions in Canada experience the four seasons. The winters in Montreal are cold and snowy. The temperatures are very low and mostly stay below twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Springs warm up a little bit with temperatures reaching between thirty to sixty degrees. Montreal experiences humid summers with an average humidity of about eighty.

How to get around in Montreal

Cars: If you do not need a car, it is better to use public transport in Montreal since driving is challenging for many travelers. The street signs are written in French and you might find the parking fees expensive.

Taxis: Uber is readily available around the town and you can still find the traditional taxis in downtown Montreal.

Bus: There many buses in the city that run after every ten minutes and can take you anywhere within the city.

Metro: Montreal has a metro transit system made up of sixty-eight stations and four different lines. The Montreal metro can get you anywhere you want to go fast.

Walk: The city of Montreal has a fantastic walking environment. There are designated footpaths and road crossing areas to keep you safe from motor vehicles. However, avoid walking alone at night and in suspicious places.

Neighborhoods: Little Italy and The Plateau are two neighborhoods where you can enjoy both the Northern American and European charms. These neighborhoods are a mix of French, Canadian, and Italian cultures.