Montreal has a big number of restaurants that offer casual meals. Here is a list of the top casual restaurants located within the boundaries of Montreal;

Falafel Yoni

This is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Montreal’s Mile End. It has a short but perfect menu.

Ha Restaurant

A laidback corner restaurant that pays homage to Vietnam’s Bai Hoi. The menu is casual but playful.


Run by Thai-trained Chef Jesse Mulder, Pumpui is a twelve-seater that serves several types of curry dishes that are updated regularly.

Pho Tay Ho

In Montreal, this is the best ad tastiest pho. This place is always packed by the Vietnamese population in Canada. The pho together with the Bun Cha; grilled pork with vermicelli and fresh herbs make it a very nice casual spot.

Le Super Qualite

This is the place to head to if you are yearning for an Indian dish. It is a petite patrie snack bar that serves a variety of the Indian peninsula dishes.

Panama Rotisserie

This a family-friendly eatery with Greek-style dishes. The friendly eatery serves the best-grilled lamb chops and roast potatoes.

Chez Doval

This a casual and friendly restaurant that offers several delicious Portuguese cuisines. Located in Plateau-Mont-Royal, the restaurant is known for charcoal-grilled fish and meat especially the whole fish grilled chicken.

Le Red Tiger

This another Vietnamese casual eatery in Montreal that serves street food. Le Red Tiger is a pub that keeps the customers with fried chicken wings with sauce and pancakes served with pork and shrimp.

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