Legends say that when the sun goes down in Montreal, ghosts take over the city. There are over 150 ghost stories from Montreal that make the city the most haunted region in Canada. If you are fearless, you can experience these paranormal events int the following places regarded as the most haunted.

Griffin town, Corner of William and Murray Streets

Griff was home to stricken Irish refugees in 1847. Hard times led to many women turning to prostitution and in 1897, two prostitutes, Suzy Kennedy and Mary Gallagher engaged in a fight that led to the death of the latter. Mary’s head was dumped in an ash bucket inside the brothel.

Every seven years, it is said that Mary’s ghost roams the street corner searching for her head.

Mount Royal

Mount royal is home to the largest graveyard. It is reported that the area is frequently visited by ghosts at night. The most famous ghosts are the Algonquian warrior and Simon McTavish. The latter’s ghost story led to the demolishment of an abandoned castle in which he died while overseeing its construction.

St. Paul Street, Old Montreal

St Paul Street is Montreal’s oldest street and is said to be frequented by many ghosts. The street is said to be frequented by horse-drawn carriage and the ghost of a slave woman who was executed for arson despite claiming innocence. It is said that she comes back to seek revenge.

Dorchester Square

It is reported that below the Dorchester Square are mass graves with over 70000 skeletons. Visitors have reported a lot of paranormal activities at night.

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