Parking is free of charge and available on a first-come/first-serve basis.
Parking signs near the Casa Bianca are all in French.
Please ask for help when you arrive to be sure you do not get a ticket.

NE STATIONNEZ PAS dans les zones marquées ‘Secteur 30’

Autres restrictions

From March 1 to December 1:

on Marie Anne:
Stationnement interdit sur le côté droit de la rue le mercredi de midi à 13h.
Stationnement interdit sur le côté gauche de la rue le vendredi de midi à 13h

On Esplanade:
No parking on the left side of the street Friday (in french: ven.) from Noon to 1pm
No parking on the right side of the street Wednesday (in french: mer.) from Noon to 1pm

From December 1 to Feb. 28:

You can park anywhere during the winter months, except the ‘Zoned parking areas’ – marked with ‘Secteur 30’. But after a snow storm, avoid the side of the street with temporary bright orange ‘No Parking’ signs.

Directions to Casa Bianca